Mini-intervju: Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer


"As a child, I always wanted to be a designer or an architect, but my student counsel told me that it was way to hard and that I should choose something else."



Köpenhamnsbaserade Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer jobbar som digital curator och driver bloggen September edit med stor framgång. Vi har följt Caroline under en längre tid och beundrar hennes känsla för stilren design och inredning. Hon inspirerar med sitt driv och sin fingertoppskänsla som märks genom kontinuerliga uppdateringar av högkvalitativt innehåll. Att hon inte lämnar något åt slumpen är tydligt - hennes sociala kanaler är finstämda och utmärkta exempel på genomtänkta flöden. De är harmoniska att vila ögonen på men samtidigt väldigt intresseväckande med sina trendiga inslag. Om vi försöker sätta ord på Carolines uttryck är varm minimalism något som kommer i åtanke. Resultatet av den nordiska tonen och de ljuva kulörerna i bilderna - blandat med väl utvalda ting - blir stillsamt, balanserat och varmt. I både text och bild lyfter hon fram god design men hon visar även glimtar från sitt liv som nybliven småbarnsmamma och ett hem som får oss att vilja flytta in pronto. Caroline är 'one to follow' med andra ord - god läsning!

Blog - September edit / Instagram - September edit


Who is Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer?

On a daily basis, I am the Head of Global PR and Communication at Stelton. At the moment I am on maternity leave and enjoying my new life as a new mother and getting to know my daughter Carla. I am married and live in Copenhagen. Beside my work at Stelton, I am the founder of September edit, a blog and instagram that I started three years ago where I focus on the timeless aspects of life. As a child, I always wanted to be a designer or an architect, but my student counsel told me that it was way to hard and that I should choose something else. I studied design and business in Copenhagen and wrote my bachelor project while working full time at ELLE. My bachelor project back then was about digitalising ELLE, quiet funny to look back at now and very outdated. The last 6 years I have worked within production, styling, PR, and marketing in fashion, lifestyle and interior. Today, I do a lot of what I was told wasn't possible.

What would you say was the starting point to where you are in your career today?

My education in design and business was the starting point. Way back then, I started a blog but it wasn't until a few years later that I found out what I wanted to focus on. Also Instagram was for me a huge game changer. I suddenly found all these big and small brands and interesting people that I had a lot in common with. It was a peephole into a world full of creativity and people in a scale that I hadn't experienced before. My instagram was pure personal to start with, then I began to share photos of my apartment and linked it directly to my Tumblr that grew quickly in a very short time. I have worked freelance for international companies who has found me on instagram. These days it is an online business card that is updated daily.

What drives you in your work?

I have always been interested in the process from start to finish. From the first sketch to the final product and keeping the red thread all the way through. That is exactly what I am good at and why I started September edit three years ago. After working in several creative departments, I wanted to create a platform that I could art direct a 100%. I love seeing my ideas turn into life and being appreciated by others, then you know you are in the right field.

What is your biggest work related struggles?

I multitask too much. I often want to do a lot of things at the same time, my brain works like that. I start one thing and while I am doing it, I think of a brand I once red about, get a new idea or sketch a pattern down that I see in my head. I often feel like I have twice as many ideas as I have time. My best ideas comes just before I go to sleep, so I always have a notebook on my nightstand. At the moment, I want to get back into my drawing, it would also help with my focus. Being a creative person means working 24 hours, in your head that is. I never work 9-5, I always sketch down ideas, read articles and find inspiration for my next project.

In your work, what are you most proud of?

I am proud of the many projects I have thrown myself into. I have been lucky to have been offered some great job opportunities, which makes my profile today very versatile. Everything from fashion week in Oman, store openings for Louis Vuitton and & Other Stories, to gaining 21.000 followers on instagram and inspiring people all over the world. I would never in a million years have guessed that 21.000 people would follow my work, but it makes me happy to know that I am inspiring others.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I dream of working with many more talented people that inspires me. Hopefully I get the chance to participate in many more creative projects and working with more national and international brands. I have always been a go getter and had big ambitions. Follow your gut, only you know what you are capable of achieving but work hard and be nice to people.