Mini-intervju: Jennifer Hagler

"It's really important for me to feel like I am creating something or I can feel myself slipping into a dark place."


Den amerikanska stylisten, fotografen och bloggaren Jennifer Hagler, för många känd som A Merry Mishap, har talang och en känsla för stil som är utöver det vanliga. Vi har så länge vi kan minnas inspirerats av hennes bildvärld och smakfulla sätt att presentera innehåll. Imponerande är även hur hon år efter år fortsätter att hålla samma höga nivå på allt hon ger ifrån sig genom sina kanaler. Att hon dessutom lyckas med att vara både tidlös och trendig på samma gång är för oss en konst i sig. Vi är väldigt glada att Jennifer har tagit tid från sin fullspäckade vardag för att ge oss en liten inblick i hur hon jonglerar allt och vad som för henne framåt.

Blogg - AMM blog / Instagram - A Merry Mishap

Who is Jennifer Hagler?

Hej hej! I'm Jennifer Hagler the author of I live in the Northwest corner of the US with my husband and two kids, a place most people aren't too familiar with. It's a quiet place with some wide open spaces and while I've dreamed for years of moving to Europe, this is home for now and conveniently near much of our extended family. These days my life is in full time mom-mode but I still make time for some of the things I love to do, including blogging and photographing interiors or design projects.

What would you say was the starting point to where you are in your career today?

Blogging was definitely the marked beginning to where I am now. Blogging (and now social media) has been such a great way to connect with people, with brands, to make friends and keep up with people who live all over the world.

What drives you in your work?

It's really important for me to feel like I am creating something or I can feel myself slipping into a dark place. While my kids are still young it can be hard to jump head first into a project and give it 100% of my attention because I have to work in segments throughout the day. I still try to carve out time to share though, to connect or to make something I enjoy.

What is your biggest work-related struggles?

Time always feels so limiting to me and I think I tend to be on the slower side with work. It takes a little while for my brain to switch from motherhood to work mode. However working on things that don't have anything to do with the family or kids is quite fulfilling for me, necessary even, so I make it a point to do a little something every other day. Sometimes it's only making time to read a book, magazine or article about something creative and other times it's working on something with my hands. I used to make quite a lot when I was younger and having some sort of hobby to keep my hands busy was so calming. Now though I will do things like try a new recipe, knit, hand build with clay and recently I've picked up drawing again. I don't get a lot of time to work on these things but it helps tremendously to just exercise that part of my brain that wants to create.

In your work, what are you most proud of?

There isn't one particular project that stands out most to me but I feel proud in general of what I've accomplished while being a mom. I had my son somewhat young and he was a big surprise, so I've been learning and growing with him and in the role of motherhood. Building a career for yourself while also being a full time parent is one of the most difficult yet rewarding things!